Saturday, September 27, 2014

What I Use To Make Me A Beast On PC Games

Bonjour Follower's how you doing im doing grate 
today i have a topic for PC gamers or razer fans
lets dive in.
lets start with the mouse i use the Razer Naga mmo gaming mouse had it for a wail and its a really nice mouse it has 12 action bar buttons on the side 2 macro buttons on top plus a tilt scroll wheel since i play a lot of mmos i have my jump key <Space> bound to the tilt scroll wheel and my side buttons set for default and i have the 2 buttons on top for map and Push to chat in comms or vent, its a really nice mouse and it will make you a beast and theirs a MOBA version to its called Naga HEX.
and next the Razer Orbweaver 
its a mechanical gaming key pad
i had it for almost a year and its nice too it has 20 programmable buttons a 8 way Thumb Stick and 2 buttons next to the Thumb Stick 
i normally use the D-Pad or Thumb Stick For Movement Or WASD samething 
All Razer Peripherals Can Be fully Programmed And Customized in Synapses 2.0 
In Conclusion these pieces of equipment will really improve your game
i love my Naga And OrbWeaver  as of right now you can not have different color back lighting
the color is green but theirs a new chroma line coming out for all devices eventually you can whit for that and have any color you want or if your ok with green and want one go a head and pick one up today i will have linked images below. but yeah Razer gear will give you a unfair advantage and make you a beast .

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