Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WoW Subs Get five free days of game time for the inconvenience of the launch of warlords

Blizzard confirms that, as a token of appreciation, it's giving all World of Warcraft subscribers five extra days of game time, following the many issues that plagued the launch of its latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor.
World of Warcraft is still going strong, despite having a ripe old age and quite a lot of competitors, especially in the free-to-play area. However, the latest Warlords of Draenor expansion got a lot of old veterans back into the game, not to mention quite a few newcomers who were excited about the various options offered by the add-on.

Unfortunately for all of them, the expansion's release was anything but smooth, as lengthy queues, overwhelmed servers, and faulty quests meant plenty of frustration amongst players and a lot of criticism addressed towards developer Blizzard.

The studio took it in stride and pledged to continue improving the whole online experience so that players have a greater time and enjoy all the new content they paid for.

Blizzard apologizes once again

Now, World of Warcraft Executive Producer J. Allen Brack has posted a statement on theofficial website, once again apologizing for the issues and revealing just what the whole team is doing to rectify the situation.

"I know how much everyone was looking forward to this expansion, and once you were able to get in and start having fun, all the comments I've seen indicate that this is one of our best yet. But the quality of the content does not excuse the subpar launch experience we delivered, and I apologize for that."

Brack admits that the first few days of the expansion have been a tough time for players but also for his team, which has worked around the clock to fix all the problems. In order to solve some of these issues, the instancing technology has been expanded and the capacity of all realms has been raised to ensure reduced queuing times.

Five extra days of subscription have been added to all active players

The Blizzard executive also confirms that, as a token of appreciation for all the patience exhibited by the community, five extra days of subscription have been added to all active subscribers across Americas, Oceania, and Europe as of November 14.

"I also hope you'll accept my apology and keep your faith in us. The support voiced by many of you as we worked through the challenges was immensely appreciated. We're extremely grateful to be part of such a passionate community. We love World of Warcraft, and we're very proud of this expansion, so stumbling out of the gates like this was very disappointing for all of us."

The bonus subscription time should appear in the accounts of all active players in the following hours, so have fun spending it in Warlords of Draenor. 
Cited form SOFTPEDIA @ Link this post is not written by me all credit goes to softpedia and the blizzard dev that took to the forums to inform us ~enjoy 

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